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Techfoliance AFRICA | 11 October 2018

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AboutPerseus Mlambo, auteur sur Techfoliance AFRICA

Perseus Mlambo

Perseus Mlambo

Perseus is the founder of Zazu. Zazu is building an African digital-only bank, starting in Zambia. Prior to Zazu, Perseus worked in the Ethics Office of the UNHCR, Barclays Wealth and Riders for Health.

Posts By Perseus Mlambo

The Very Basics Of Banking

27 November 2017 |

Banks are not that different from any other businesses. What sets them apart is that they work with money: looking after it, lending it, and helping people pay for things with it.

Looking after your money

Cash is very dangerousRead More

FinTech Regulatory Sandbox in Zambia

11 September 2017 |

About a decade ago, young talent flocked to Europe and North America, searching for opportunities and high paid jobs.

Now realising that Africa is where the opportunities are, North to South migration is increasing and as many countries across … Read More

Why the World is looking at Africa

11 September 2017 |

In every African ‘Tech’ story, the ubiquity of mobile phones is what makes the opportunities so big in the continent.

The global tech elite noticed Africa’s upward trajectory and have already started to place their bets. Mr. Zuckerberg rolled out … Read More

Building the ‘PayPal Mafia’ in Africa

11 September 2017 |

In June 2016, Andela, the marketplace that connects companies with the best African software developers, made global headlines with its US$24 Million Series B funding round.

This investment, which was the first led by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, illustrates the … Read More

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